Ikebana International is a world wide organization founded in Tokyo Japan in 1956 by the late Ellen Gordon Allen to realize her motto, "Friendship Through Flowers." Our members are dedicated to the promotion of mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and other countries through Ikebana, the art of Japanese Flower Arrangement.

A non-profit organization administered mainly by volunteers, Ikebana International now boasts over 11,000 members in 180 chapters in more than 60 countries. Our members are associated with many schools of Ikebana (see links to web pages for descriptions of the different schools), from those stressing classical styles to those focusing on contemporary forms or integrating both.

Many members are experienced teachers of Ikebana; others have just begun to learn. Membership is open to everyone interested in the art of Ikebana and the ideas of Ikebana International regardless of previous experience.

Buffalo Chapter #50 was founded in 1960 by Helen Cottrell and Edna La Duca


Chiko School arrangement
Jo Ellen Budnick


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